How To Delete A Pin On Pinterest

In Pinterest, a pin is a visual bookmark that links back to the original location of an item on either Pinterest or a different website. Pins are points of reference for the future date. For example, you see an online article predicting a basketball game two weeks away. You pin this article so that you can refer to the event when it eventually comes around. Pins are a great way to keep track of events and people you like. However, over time, you may accumulate so many pins that you want to clear the clutter by deleting some. Here is the procedure.

1. How to delete a Pin in the Secret Board

A secret board is only accessible to you and the people you invite. When you pin an item to a secret board, it does not appear in search results, your followers’ feed or even your home feed. You can obtain a secret board by creating one or by changing a public board into a secret one.

(a) Log on to Pinterest and type in your user name and password. In case you have forgotten your login or password, use the reset option to have those two sent to you by email.

(b) Go to your secret Pinterest board. A board is the platforms for adding pins. You add pins to boards and invite others to do the same. There are secret boards and group boards.

(c) With your mouse, hover over the pin you intend to get rid of and click on the ‘pencil’.

(d) Click the ‘delete pin’ option. Make sure you have the right pin because this action is irreversible.

2. How to Delete a Pin from the Group Boards

In a group board, everyone invited to the group can add pins of their choice, from either Pinterest or external internet sources. No idea on how to delete a pin on Pinterest, especially on group boards? The procedure is as simple as the previous one. You could only delete other people’s pins if you created the group where the pins are located.

(a) Go to the group board hosting the pin.

(b) Click on the pin you want to delete. Make sure that you have the right pin. As mentioned earlier, you cannot undo these changes.

(c) Hit the edit button.

(d) Click delete the pin. This pin will now be permanently erased.

Pins on Pinterest do not have to be text only. Some image, video and audio files can also be pinned. There are several categories on Pinterest where users can create bookmarks. Place pins have geographical locations attached. Picked for you pins are those bookmarks you have added, boards you have followed and sites visited in recent browsing activities.

Based on what you follow, Pinterest has promoted pins that businesses have paid for in trying to reach online clients. Rich pins automatically update information in their content by accessing their parent sites. You cannot undo pin deletion. However, at times you might need to access a pin you had initially shared on Facebook or Twitter. In this case, you can refer to your Facebook or Twitter timeliness where they still exist as status updates (for Facebook) or tweets (for Twitter).