How To Delete Followers On Pinterest

A Pinterest account is a great addition to any SEO arsenal. Unfortunately, while Pinterest is ideal when it comes to targeting a specific audience, a few bad apples do slip through the net from time to time. When this happens, you might find that people steal your content and ideas. In extreme cases, if a follower takes a particular liking to your pins and boards, things can get a little creepy. And don’t get me started on the spammers!
If this is you, then you’re probably wondering how to delete followers on Pinterest. Never fear, for there is a way, in fact there are two ways to get rid of unwanted followers.

Blocking Pinterest Followers and Removing their Pins from your Stream

If you suspect someone is:

* Stealing your content
* Spying on you
* Actually a bot

Or you didn’t sign up to gain followers and want to delete the ones you have, follow these steps.

1) Go to the account of the person you wish to block/delete
2) Click the gear menu
3) Click “block” at the bottom of the menu
4) Now confirm that you wish to block them by clicking “block” again

What Happens when You Block Someone on Pinterest?

Now that you’ve removed the unwanted follower(s), you can carry on with your Pinterest experience without worrying about their unwanted attention. While Pinterest refers to this function as “blocking”, it essentially works the same was as deleting someone on Facebook for example. When you delete a follower on Pinterest:

* All comments removed – All comments between you and the follower will vanish.* Mutual blocking – The block function will prevent any interaction between the two of you, including liking, following, or commenting on pins. The blocked follower will not be able to follow you again. * Instant unfollow for both parties – Both parties are instantly unfollowed by the other.* No notification – The blocked follower will not be notified of the block until they attempt to interact with your pins or contact you.

While the two of you won’t be able to interact, you’ll have to remove all likes and pins from that person manually, but hey, at least you’re free of them now! You may also still see them in public areas such as groups but that’s as far as visibility goes once you’ve blocked someone.

How to Delete Pinterest Followers by Reporting Them

If you suspect a Pinterest account is fake or that they are serial spammers, you can also have their account deleted for good by reporting them to Pinterest.

To have a Pinterest follower or account deleted in this manner:

1) Go to their profile page
2) Click on the gear menu
3) Select “report

Their account will then be investigated and if they are in violation of the terms of Pinterest, you’ll never see them again because Pinterest will delete their account for good.

While it’s nice to be able to delete Pinterest followers as and when you need to, it would be a little better if you were completely invisible to them. Still, at least now, you can go back to doing what you love best–pinning!