How To Delete Pinterest

Over the pass couple years Pinterest has become one of the biggest social network phenomenon, and has chalked up quite a big following. The visually appealing and unique scrapbook format has attracted quite a big audience and has sent traffic to several other external sites. For this reason Pinterest has the monopoly on a very unique niche, in terms of social networking due to the fact that it caters a more aesthetically appealing medium where users can post anything from their favorite, shopping wish list, picture, food and just about anything else. In short it is a fun place to view anything during your days.

How To Delete Pinterest

If for some reason you decide that Pinterest is not exactly for you, then you can opt to deactivate your account. Pinterest, as of early 2013 no longer overs the option to completely delete your Pinterest account, but rather to deactivate. However, a less extreme option worth considering is the customizable privacy settings.

Nevertheless, to go ahead and remove your account as well as all pins and other activities, follow the following steps carefully:

1) Login to your Pinterest account, by going to the Pinterest website and putting in your email address and corresponding password.

2) Hover your mouse over the profile link located at the top right of the screen- this is where your name is. You will see a drop down menu from which you can select the “settings” option.

3) After this the settings page will open, and you then click the link to “Deactivate account“.

4) A confirmation page will then appear at the top, and you will be asked if you are certain that you want to deactivate your account.

6) Select the option which reads “Yes, I would like deactivate the account“. After which your account will be deactivated.


– Your account is not permanently deleted once you have completed this process, you can regain access to your account by simply logging in again. This will fully restore your account.

– Due to the fact that your Pinterest account is not completely deleted but rather deactivated, your Pinterest email and username does not become available for another person to use.

– If it is a case where you do not want your profile to be showing up in search engines, you do not need to delete your Pinterest account to prevent this. There is an option to the bottom of the settings page where you can turn that option off. It will then,prevent search engines from finding your profile.

– Pinterest users tend to complain about their inboxes being bombarded with a myriad of email notification from Pinterest. This can truly become annoying, as who really needs an email for every activity? The answer is no one really. If this is a reason for wanting to deactivate your profile, you can first try deactivating or customizing the email notifications setting so as not to receive so many emails.

– Pinterest does provide users with a wide range of privacy settings which allow users a great degree of control over their profile visibility as well as their activity on the website.

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How To Delete A Board On Pinterest

Probably one of the most convenient aspects about Pinterest is the ease of managing your boards, whether it is about adding, editing, or deleting them. There are several reasons why you may want to completely delete a board on Pinterest. Perhaps you have reached the maximum number of boards allowed, which is 500, and would like to delete a few of them to free up space. Or maybe you want to give your Pinterest profile a makeover and get rid of the boards you do not like. Luckily, the board deletion process is extremely easy, and can be quickly completed in just a few simple steps. Check out the guide below to find out how to delete a board on Pinterest. (more…)

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